Completed portrait

Original photograph

Photograph of Charlie

Completed pet portrait


Customer photograph 1

Finished artwork


Customer photograph 2

Completed painting of Bessie

Portrait of Harvey 

Finished artwork

Photograph of Lady 

Original Oil Paintings


Artistic interpretation 


All artworks are original oil paintings created with artist grade canvas board and paint.  A coat of professional grade art varnish is applied to optimise the colour pigment, accentuate brush strokes and ensure paintings will last a lifetime.  ​All artworks are signed on the front and sold in a complimentary frame.  Please visit this website regularly to see new paintings as they become added. 


I am available to undertake commissioned artworks and all you need to do is supply a photograph.  Here is a recently commissioned portrait:

I can also create paintings based on photographs, but with different aspects added, taken away or changed.  For example, a customer who commissioned a portrait of her daughter's wedding wanted a black and white painting with a red accent, with the bouquet painted a tomato red, rather than the more pink-based red in the photograph.  The customer also wanted the bride's arm moved to bring up the bouquet, so the portrait was produced based upon two photographs, as follows:

The pricing for a commissioned artwork is based on a number of factors:

  • The number of subjects in the painting

  • The size of the painting

  • The intricacy of clothing and other details

  • The complexity of the background

  • Any special requests, such as omitting, adding or changing elements (as above)

To commission a portrait or for details of pricing, please click here.  

Pet Portraits

I also undertake a range of pet portraits, which make particularly special gifts for loved ones - some examples are shown below.  To commission a pet portrait or for details of pricing, please click here.  For all other commissions, please telephone 07757 350086, email or use the contact form to request further details or to discuss your requirements.  Thank you for your interest.