"The picture is perfect just what I wanted, Jill is an absolute star very helpful and nothing was an issue.  I would highly recommend Jill and will definitely be using her again. Thank you Jill"

Jacqui, Coventry

"I have received the painting and I am so pleased with it.  It's lovely.  It will go pride of place in my living room"

Carol, Leeds

"My wife loves it - thank you Jill"

David, West Sussex

Original Oil Paintings

"It's perfect! I love it! Thanks so much for being flexible and providing a darker frame"

Nicole, Glasgow

"I love it - it's stunning.  I've never seen anything like it - I'm glad to be its owner"

Cindy, Norfolk

"Great picture.  Thanks"

David, West Yorkshire

"The most precious painting - couldn't be happier!  Thank you for being so fast!"

Cesca, East Sussex

"Arrived safely and I'm really happy with it. Looks just like him. Thank you!"

Desmond, Plymouth

"I love the painting"

Mo, London

"My husband is soooo happy!!!  He was sitting with the painting on his lap for about fifteen minutes just staring at it and smiling. You've made my guy very happy and for that, I thank you!"

Jodi, Kent

"Beautiful and great value!!"

Jo, Luton

​"Thank you for the AMAZING portrait of my greyhound Stanley... You have captured his personality brilliantly.... What a talent... Would highly recommend!!"

Lisa, Essex

"Beautifully painted...even better than pictured, Jill Ann takes as much care in her professional packaging. I am thrilled with this purchase!"

Jeffrey, Kentucky, USA

"My husband and I were amazed by the painting.  It brought back very happy memories for us.  Jill made the process so simple, from ordering to keeping me advised.  Thank you Jill"

Brenda, Kent

"Absolutely stunning!  I ordered this as an anniversary gift after seeing Jill's other work.  The painting has remarkable attention to detail and exceeded all of my expectations.  I cannot recommend her work highly enough.  Thank you Jill"

Jake, East Sussex

"My painting arrived very promptly today.  It was so well packaged that it took me 15 minutes to unwrap - the anticipation and excitement increased with each layer and the final reveal didn't disappoint!"

Roz, Kent

"I love this painting!  Thank you!"

Emily, Salt Lake City, USA

"After lots of discussion about what was possible, Jill merged the images from two photos, one black and white and one coloured, into this wonderful and unique portrait which will become a family heirloom. The detail is incredible, the light and shade authentic, the likenesses remarkable. It's framed beautifully in dark charcoal wood; Jill offered three different colour choices until we found the one that created the perfect finishing touch. Thank you, Jill, for your amazing talent, and your patience."

Margaret, Kent

"I love Venice and this painting will be a treasured addition to my memories"

Joe, Langhorne, USA

"The painting arrived today and I am very pleased with it.

A wonderful reminder of the Golden City - many thanks"

Anselm, London